President Medina oversees surprise visit projects in Baní and San Cristóbal


He met with artisans from San Cristóbal

Also visited producers of mangos from Matanzas

President Medina with Mango producers. / Image: Diario Libre

SAN CRISTÓBAL. This Sunday, President Danilo Medina oversaw the results of the projects that emerged from several surprise visits he made previously for the benefit of coffee and mango producers and artisans from the provinces of Peravia, San José de Ocoa and San Cristóbal, respectively.

In the surprise visit of this day (the 231th), the head of state made a first stop in Baní, where he spoke with the members of the Community Action Coffee Movement (MOVICAC). For these coffee producers, there was a before and after of June 8, 2014, the occasion when they received the visit of Medina.

The small and medium producers asked Medina for solidarity financing for renovation of 1.800 hectares of coffee plantations and maintenance tasks of another 1.270.

After knowing the good progress of the project of these new businessmen, the head of state moved towards Matanzas, Peravia. There he verified the land and advances in the construction of the packing plant and hydrothermic treatment, for export of mango, of the association Banileja of Producers of Mango (ABAPROMANGO).

Finally, Danilo Medina went to San Cristóbal, where he followed the construction of a craft for the artisans who benefited from the surprise visit number 165th, held on April 9, 2017.

At that meeting, the President of the Republic committed to the Association of Artisans and Artists of San Cristóbal to give them infrastructure, machinery and equipment.

Artists will have the ability to produce about 10000 pieces each month, which will be sold in a price range from RD $50 to RD $5,000, an estimated monthly RD$3,000,000.


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