The teams of the capital are ill-off before the eastern rivals

El Escogido and Licey ended below in the regular before the teams of the east / Image: Diario Libre

The first break in the semifinal round reflects what has been experienced throughout the regular season: no absolute leadership, with a very paired table of positions.

The Christmas break, the longest you can remember (four days) finds the two East teams, Estrellas Orientales and Toros del Este, of leaders, matched with 2-1 and the two capital with 1-2, Tigres del Licey and Leones del Escogido.

The rest will give the four sets a space to define their strategies, with a greater responsibility for the two of the capital; Less relaxed to enjoy the turkey.

The uncertainty of Licey opener pitching is the biggest concern for this team, which aspires to conquer what the last campaign snatched the Aguilas Cibaenas, by winning the Crown in a seventh and decisive match of the final round.

The Licey is the set which has a very pale performance of its body of pitchers and its offensive. The three blue openers combined, in this phase, have launched nine full entries for a team that in their last two meetings has allowed 17 races, that is 39 percent of the 44 races that has stepped on the plate among the four competitors in the first three duels.

This contradicts the good effectiveness of the Tigres del Licey in the regular where they ended with 2.36, the best in the league. Contrary to Leones del Escogido, who have lost two matches, their pitch has tolerated only seven laps.

The blue Offensive, which was the fifth in races scored in the regular round, flirted wins supported in his pitch to sneak out of the basement and embrace the second place.

It hasn’t been that way in the last two games. Anyway in the general sense, the batters of the Licey have received 38 punches in all three matches for an average of 12.67 per game, that means that 47 percent of the 81 outs that have been made to the Tigers, are that way. Its neighbor of the capital has suffered 21 punches, seven for encounters and the day they faced, on December 20, the Scarlet combination, despite losing the game, had the strength to punch 14 striped felines.

In the same line, the Oriental teams behave better: Los Toros have strikeout on 20 occasions and the stars do better even with only 10 punches in three games.

The Escogido already has its reinforcement Jaff Decker. The gardener is ready to debut.

The Licey already lost Luis Barreras and depart from December 30, Sergio Alcántara and Jorge Bonifacio and possibly Genesis Cabrera. If it serves as encouragement, there is the possibility that the Colombian Giovanny Urshela will return to the team.

Toros and their starting
The Estrellas won the particular series from the regular phase to the Blues (7-3) and the Reds (6-4) and matched with the Toros (5-5). The bullfighting team matched the Leones and lost 4-6 of the Licey.

For the Toros its beginning has been more than satisfactory. For 10 years (2008) the team did not win their first two meetings of the semifinal round.

If particular series are observed, capital teams have a costly debt against the east.

The Leones manager, Luis Rojas, is aware of the attack level of the Toros. “It’s a pretty offensive team,” he points out and so he saw as an achievement whitening that outfit, which was the team that more races scored (199) and the second most towed (166), after the Aguilas Cibaenas (177) in the regular round.

Long pause
The four-day break is the longest that records the history of the baseball in the Christmas stage. In the recent past was played on the 23rd and returned on 26. In previous years, matches were included for both December 25 and January 1. The year-end break is for December 31 and January 1st.

The story records even a party on December 24, although of course it was a case of necessity.

The two eastern teams clashed in the 2010-11 final, when the Toros defeated the Estrellas by swept (5-0). Meanwhile, the capital’s teams will spend their Christmas party with a certain amount of worry, the two eastern leaders can quietly sing “Silent Night” on Christmas Day.


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